Timely intervention saved the life of people

nedsss success stories

Village Mawiong is situated under Nongkhrah health Centre in Riboi district, Meghalaya, about 65km away from Shillong. Social Service Centre Shillong has been implementing the project, “Community Ushered Regional Effort in Health Care” since October 2016 in the surrounding villages through the Health Facilitation Centre at Nongkhrah. This health programme has helped the villagers to form Village Health Task Forces (VHTF) or Village Health Nutrition and Sanitation Committees (VHSNC) in their villages, which are actively involved in health related activities in the village like organizing health camps, cleaning village surroundings, disposing garbage and even approaching health care facilities for assistance.
This locality has the history of people contracting malaria and skin diseases. A few months ago, a large number of people including children and adults, suddenly developed a strange skin disease in Mawiongivillage. The village health task force and the village health worker of that village immediately informed the doctor in charge of Civil Hospital Nongpoh. A group of health personnel rushed to the village, conducted sensitization programme on prevention of this sickness and treated the affected cases with the help of Shillong Social Service Centre and the health supervisor of St. Mary’s Health Facilitation Centre, Nongkhrah. People were grateful to everyone who rendered timely assistance to combat the disease at its early stage. The quick measures adopted by the VHTF and VHSNC were acknowledged and appreciated by all.

By Sr. Lilly, St Mary’s Health Centre, Nongkhrah


A PEM Boy Regains Strength


Douminthang Mate is a 5 years old boy of Tengtoupal centre village in Chandel District of Manipur. His mother Mrs.KikimMate is mentally challenged and father,Mr.Papao, is deaf. They live in very poor condition, hardly managing their daily needs with the earning of the father. Douminthang was born on 25-03-2013. From his birth, he was very sickly child unlike his brother. He often got diarrhea, fever, cough and cold, dryness of conjunctiva, dryness of skin etc.
One day, during the house visit, the Supervisor and village health worker (VHEW), noticed boy lying on the bed helplessly. He had no strength even to open his eyes. His father narrated to them about the different treatments given to him with no improvement and that they now had no hope of him recovering.
Upon examination of the boy, the Supervisor diagnosed that the boy was suffering from Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM). The parent was asked to take the boy to health Centre as fast as possible. The boy was taken to the centre on 04-03-18. The condition of the boy was critical. One could see only skin and bone and stomach was distended. The treatment given was protein contained diet, multi vitamins like Sep A-Z, Syrup Venom, Syrup Zincovit, Syrup Albendozole etc.. After a week, his condition changed and he started eating food. The boy regained his health within a month.
At present he is the most healthy and active boy in the boarding. He goes to school regularly and doing his normal duties like any other children. The parents of the boy are very grateful for the service rendered to them.

By Sr.Roseline Shomai, Health Supervisor, Fernando HC, Tengnoupal, Manipur


Guwahati Gana Seva Society (GGSS)

The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” ¯ Mahatma Gandhi

In line with the project objective and goal, North East Diocesan Social Service Society (NEDSSS), a collective framework at regional level to capacitate and coordinate the DSSSs, has given lots of inputs on resource mobilization to its partner organizations. The project on Resource Mobilization with specific objective of capacitating Diocesan partners to regularly mobilize resources from governments, foreign agencies and local institutions has had many positive responses. One of such responses is that Guwahati Gana Seva Society (GGSS), the development wing of the Archdiocese of Guwahati, with the support from the Archbishop John Moolachira was able to mobilize a sum of rupees 5,02,000 (five lakh and two thousand only) locally from various institutions in Guwahati (schools and churches, congregations, hospitals etc.) to help people affected due to flood in the state of Assam. The capacity building and the
various trainings on resource mobilization by NEDSSS to DSSSs have enhanced the capacity for exploring and tapping local resources.


From Bagmari Teaestate (Biswanath Chariali district, Assam)

Learning to help oneself and others

Xavier Jatarma of Class V is a student of Bagmari Tea Estate Bridge school. He is one the many dropouts who enrolled himself in the Bridge School. After joining the bridge school he took extra interest to study and also help others. He comes to school before other students and helps the teacher. He keeps himself neat and clean and asks his fellow students to do the same. He tells them to come to school regularly. He is the role model for many students at Bagmari Tea Estate Bridge School.

The Joy of Being in Bridge School

Both Arniush Jojowar and Lili Hemrom are from Bagmari Tea Estate. On being asked about the
Bridge School they said, “Before the bridge school began, we were just roaming around in our village. Now after joining this school we feel that we are school going children. We learn much in this school. Earlier when we returned home from school, we used to spend lot of time playing and not doing homework but now we play and study in the bridge school. Apart from our lessons, we have also learned how to remain clean and hygienic. We are glad to have this opportunity”.

From Amchong Teaestate (Kamrup Metro, Assam)

Bridge School changed my life

“Hello , my name is Pinky Das Class V, from Amchong Tea Estate. I had dropped out of school in class II. But after attending Amchong Bridge school for one year Mr. Dipak Karmakar has helped me get back to formal School. Now I have started my education again. I learned much in the Bridge School like solving sums and reading Assamese and English fluently. I have learned to deal with others respectfully. Now I have plans for my future i.e. I want to be a teacher and a good citizen of the country”.

From Samukjhuli village (Biswanath Chariali District, Assam)

Bridge School Builds Confidence

“I am Augustine Bag of Class VII from Samukjuli Bridge School. I attend Bridge School every
evening. Before the Bridge school began in our village I was not doing well in my studies and I could not concentrate. Most of the time I used to forget whatever the teacher's taught because of fear that I might be wrong or teacher might scold me and I never answered questions properly. After receiving coaching in the Bridge school, I have improved in my studies and have gained self confidence. Now I can answer the questions confidently and clearly, thanks to the Bridge school”.