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Peace Initiatives in North East India


The project proposes to increase resilience of communities through greater understanding and interaction of co-inhabiting tribes and strengthen knowledge of rights and entitlements. Through sensitization, capacity and skill building, communities will develop and engage in peace building process, and partners and other peace enablers like peace activists, professionals and media will improve their emergency understanding, skills and practices. The project is implemented in Nagaland, Manipur and Tripura.


Achievements during the past year are exemplified below:

Regional level

•  Number of Peace Meetings held on the conflict between communities along Assam-Nagaland border
•  Ready for publication of Training Manual on Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Skills
•  Completion of the Study on the Role of the Media in Peace Building
•  Study on Autonomy and Self Determination in North East India – A new study has been launched in October 2015 and the study is limited to three States; Tripura, Nagaland and Manipur. It is meant to fill the gap in knowledge and also to make a contribution to a platform where different stakeholders can debate on autonomy, self-determination and sovereignty.


•  400 students expressed that they have gained confidence through peace celebrations and capacity building trainings. Students expressed that healthy relationships are being developed after attending the peace programmes. Some said that they are able to make their parents understand problems at home.
•  Teachers have understood how to make class room a place of peace and integrate peace education in the curriculum. 37 teachers have taken initiative to promote peace and do peace activities in their own schools along with the peace club members. They are very active and coordinating peace club programmes such as capacity building trainings, peace celebrations and leadership trainings in their schools. They intervene whenever there is conflict in the school premise.
• Eight schools in Dimapur such as Holy Cross Hr. Sec. School, Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Unity Christian Hr. Sec. School, Godwin Hr. Sec. School, St. Clare Hr. Sec. School, Ever shine School, Nazareth school and MGM. Hr. Sec. School have been conducting
programmes by themselves and is acting as Model Peace Club Members. The peace club members planted saplings in their respective school campuses.



•  The public gathering of 121 persons at Kangbiangpang condemned violent acts especially against women and the members resolved to work against such violence and promote peace.
•  186 children have stopped using war toys and 155 parents have stopped buying war toys for their children.
•  187 community members were interviewed out of which 137 confirmed that they have gained good
knowledge on peace.
•  192 students were interviewed and 69 of them
confirmed having good knowledge on Peace, Human Rights and Non Violent Communication
•  10 religious leaders delivered talks on Peace Building and at four places, Non Violence Day was observed and talks on non-violence and peace were delivered and social services were taken up in the villages to promote peace


•   455 peace club members have understood the meaning of conflict resolution and showed positive response. The students know how to deal with conflict in a positive and constructive way without showing aggression
•   14 teachers were capacitated with the skills of conflict resolution and they are enabling children to reduce
conflicts in the school premise
•   Peace Clubs in 14 schools are strengthened and they are performing their mediating, problem solving and peace building activities actively
•   SHG members both women and men are self motivated and go from house to house bringing in justice and unity. Apart from committing themselves for ensuring peace they also have struggled for other legal rights for 53 of the villagers in terms of getting them inducted into the SHG, getting widow pension for 19, availing old age pension for 26, job card for 14, BPL card for 07 families contributing towards Justice and Peace.