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Regional Action for Initiating Safety & Empowerment of Women in North East India


The project titled “Regional Action for Initiating Safety and Empowerment of Women, North East India” (RAISE) is a continued initiative taken up in a collaborative way by NEDSSS in all the Dioceses of the region. This intervention is one of the main thrust areas of the region where women are discriminated against with less opportunity in every sphere of life, be it in education, health, economic independence or political involvement.

A  workshop  on “Women and Media” was organised by the North East Diocesan Social Service Society (NEDSSS)

NEDSSS its premises in Joypur,  Kharghuli, Guwahati, Assam on 2nd and 3rd of Dec.2016. The workshop was a part of the organisation’s efforts in the region to empower women to gain control over their lives and resources as well as to achieve gender equality in the homes, workplaces and society. The seminar facilitated by Ms.Shobha Gosa, Founder &CEO, Young Peoplefor Life India and Mr.Partha Prawal discussed on the role of media in women empowerment and media as tool for advocacy. 32 women leaders from all the seven States of North East India participated in the seminar. The climax of the workshop was the campaign on “No to Violence, Yes to girls’ Education” by the participants in the communities around Kharghuli hills. Fr.Varghese Velickakam, the Director of NEDSSS, and Sr.Talisha SD, the National Secretary of CBCI Council for women also addressed the women leaders during the workshop. The women remarked that they will now use print as well as digital media to expose acts of violence against women and advocate attitudinal changes in the society to usher in a more gender equal society. 

Gender Mainstreaming
A two day seminar on Gender mainstreamimg was
organized for the women leaders on 12th & 13th July 2015 at Chandrapur, Morigaon. The programme saw participation of 27 women leaders from various parishes. The women leaders got a clear understanding of the concept of gender, gender mainstreaming etc. They were able to identify the discriminatory attitudes, beliefs and practices that create gaps in gender equality and to plan strategies for closing those gaps at all levels.
Partners Meet Organized by DKA-KFB Support Team, North East Region
One day Partners’ meet was held on 4th November at Jagriti, Guwahati on ‘Combating Human
Trafficking- Trends and Challenges in North East Region’ facilitated by the partner organization NEDAN Foundation, Kokrajhar, Assam. There were 40
participants from 15 Partner Organizations, 7 Youth Organizations along with Dr. Eva Wallensteiner, Elke Giacomozzi from DKA Austria and the DKA-KFB Team N.E Region.
The MEET was very informative and thought provoking as the participants realized how North East India is so vulnerable to human trafficking and how each one of us has to be alert and can contribute to stop human

Progress Review Meeting
Regional Progress review meeting was conducted on 30th of Nov. 2015. Evaluation of the progress of the planned activities of the year was done, challenges faced were looked into and strategies were planned for the implementation of the activities in the coming year.
• Established Linkages with Government Departments at partner level
• Empowered the tribal women in leadership skills and encouraged them to participate in the local governance
• Improved the social mobility of the women
• Increased awareness about the gender related
Gender becomes a much contested issue in a society that is highly patriarchal in mindset and structures. In spite of the many odds, the gender coordinators have brought about commendable changes in the mindset of the women of the region about themselves. To some