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Capacity Building of DSSSs and NGOs in Northeast India

13th Development Dynamic Course

The 13th Development Dynamic Course was held from 26th of April to 12th May 2016.The course was attended by eleven participants. The course was conducted by the team of NEDSSS and other resource persons who are well versed in the field. The topics covered during the course were:

1.Situational Analysis
2.Result Based Management
3.SHG and Group Formation
5.Children's Parliament

Objectives of the course

The objectives of the course were to orient the new entrants to social work and to update those interested on the latest
developments in the dynamics of the social sector.

Outcome of the Course

Continuous assessment by the participants highlighted significant achievements of the course in enabling the participants to mould and shape their attitudes. They obtained clarity of concepts on Social Work and developed skills that suit them to be an able Developmental Agent. The course also enabled the participants to be good facilitators as well as implementers of activities in their work field with greater responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

Programmes at Bridge Schools

Seminar on Health and Social Harmony for Children and Parents was conducted in all the four Bridge School Centres in Kamrup Dt. Assam. During the seminar, various causes of common communicable and non-communicable diseases especially
water-borne diseases were highlighted. Along with this children were taught about how to keep personal and environmental
hygiene to avoid getting sick. They were also taught on global hand washing technique by demonstration.

Objectives of the seminar

1. To create awareness in children and Parents about
general health issues
2. To sensitise the children and parents on common diseases that affect the children.


1. The children and parents are aware of the importance of health and hygiene.
2. Through demonstration children learnt the proper hand washing techniques advocated by UNICEF.

Training on Children’s Parliament

Training on Children’s Parliament was held on the 11th and 12th of May 2016 which was facilitated by Mr. Joseph Rathnam from Neighborhood Community Network, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu. During the two days training the facilitator shared about the concept of children’s parliament, its objectives, the roles and responsibilities of ministers etc. He also shared his experience on how children are able to bring changes in the society by advocating for their rights and help in transforming society. He encouraged the participants to form children’s Parliament wherever they are working. At the end of the training, the participants were able to know how to form children’s parliament and also how to facilitate the day to day functioning of children‘s parliament. The participants were highly motivated at the end of the training to work with

Sphere Training on Minimum Standard and Rapid Needs Assessment

A five-day intensive workshop on Sphere Minimum Standard was conducted from 27th June to 1st of July 2016 organised by CRS India at NEDSSS. The training was attended by three NEDSSS staff. The training was part of PEER Project where CRS is trying to build the capacity of its partners in Disaster Relief work. The training was facilitated by the CRS team and Sphere India staff.

The following are the training objectives:

a) Build CRS and partner staff familiarity and knowledge on Sphere project & Minimum standards and apply the learnings of Sphere Handbook for effective implementation.
b) Describe the core standards, humanitarian charter & protection principles.
c) Design sectoral plans (WASH, Shelter, Health, Food Security and Nutrition, Settlement and Non-food items) in accordance with the indicators & guidance notes.
d) Build CRS and partner staff capacity to conduct Rapid Needs Assessment during emergencies.
The Sphere Project handbook on Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response were dealt with in details. The book comprises sections on
a) The Humanitarian Charter & protection Principles
b) Core Humanitarian standards assessment

Summer Internship and Block Placement

Three students from Tezpur University and one student from Assam Don Bosco University completed Block Placement and Summer Internship in the month of June –July 2016.The students were given orientation about the organization and on various ongoing Projects after which they were assigned to two projects Manthan UNICEF and Bridge school.
The students conducted various activities for the children like Global Hand Washing, Rights to Education, and Awareness Programme on water-borne disease and breastfeeding, house visits and community mobilisation. Through the field visits, they have learnt the process of social works and were able to put theory into practice. It was observed that they were sincere and hardworking in their assigned responsibilities and committed.