Bridge School

(Promoting Education Culture among the children of 16Tribal Villages in Kamrup and Biswanath District, Assam)


Project Goal

Tribal Children in 16 villages in the District of Kamrup and Biswanath, Assam have been accessing education and the villages are free from social evils that affected the children by 2020

Objective: 01
At least 40 % of the targeted children between the age group 5-12 Years (class 1-VII) in 16 villages are accessing regular schools (Private /government) by July 2019 through the intervention of the Project
 Objective: 02
Children Parliament are functioning effectively and members performing their duties in minimum 10 villages by the year 2018.

Capacity Building for Animators cum Teachers for all the Bridge School centres in Kamrup & Biswanath Chariali District Tezpur Conducted

Sensitization Meeting with village Leaders Conducted

On 28th November, a village meeting was conducted by the animator at Nortap village amguri, the objective of the meeting was to sensitized the village leaders and parents on the importance of education and to help them encourage to send their children to school. The animator welcomed the project coordinator Mr. Tennyson and Mr. Savio Rangla. The president and village Leader Mr. Kumin Tanti was present for the meeting.

In the meeting the Mr. Kumin said that there is high school dropouts in their village and the parents did not give importance to education. He was hopeful of the project doing something for the children especially the droupouts. He assures that he would convene another meeting where they will discussed the matters seriously. Mr. Tennyson the project coordinator urged the President to cooperate with animator so that we can help the children to come back to regular school through our Bridge school. The topic of shifting of Bridge School from Amguri to Nortap was also discussed.

Staff Quarterly Meeting Held

First quarterly meeting for all the Bridge School Animators was held on 27th January, 2017 at NEDSSS, the objective of the meeting was to review the progress of the project and activities in the centres. The teachers updated their activities and presented their action plan for the next quarter. The project coordinator taking note of their activities asked them to take seriously  the project component such as sensitization and Neighbourhood Children Parliament (NCP), they are to conduct Meetings on NCP and bring reports of the meeting. He also presented The Child Ministers Pledges of Sustainable Development Goals of UN and asked them to incorporate in their action plan. The meeting also helped the animators to plan together their action plans for their respective centres. The meeting ended with a prayer by Mr. Mukti Tirkey of Amguri animator.